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English bulldog puppies for sale bulldog puppy for sale
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English bulldog puppy english bulldog for sale
English bulldog puppies for sale English bulldog puppies for sale English bulldog puppies for sale

English bulldogs for sale

english bulldogs

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english bulldogs for sale

English bulldog puppies for sale pictures from our best champion english bulldogs.

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cheap english bulldogs for sale

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English bulldogs kennel with pictures of top quality English bulldog puppies

English bulldog puppies 



 English bulldog puppy

English bulldog puppy

Welcome to Mauiexpo Kennel we are an English bulldog breeder dedicated to the wonderful English bulldog breed.We offer beautiful English bulldog puppies for sale. All of our English bulldog puppies come with a 1 year heath guarantee and are vet checked before shipping. The English bulldog also known as the British bulldog comes in a variety of colors they come in white, red, brindle, black, fawn and inverted brindles and a mix of the colors that were mentioned. The bulldogs are a breed of dog which traces its ancestry to England. It should not be confused with other varieties such as the American Bulldog or the French bulldog, which has a similar appearance, but totally different in character, Bulldogs are noble in character as puppies and adults they tend to have a mean look to them, but an English bulldogs temperament should not be in anyway aggressive.



Sir Winston Churchill Bulldog

Sir Winston Churchill Brittish Bulldog portrait


ALIASES: English bulldog

SIZE: Males 50 Pounds; and Females 40 pounds

COAT & COLOR: Short smooth; colors include white

fawn, brindle, piebald, etc..

PERSONALITY TRAITS: Kind, courageous, dignified,docile, Bulldogs are mellow and loving, jovial and comical, but can be stubborn at times

WITH KIDS : Excellent. English bulldogs love children and make loving, gentle playmates.

WITH OTHER PETS: they generally are really good with other dogs, the get along with anything that moves.


EXERCISE NEEDS: though some would prefer not to exersice at all, all bulldogs need at least a daily walk to maintain good health and prevent from obesity, to which the breed is prone. Bulldogs should not be overexerted in hot weather this could be dangerous.

GROOMING NEEDS: Regular brushing to tame shedding. The bulldogs facial wrinkles should be wiped daily, I mix a little Hydrogen peroxide, corn starch, fruit vinegar, milk of magnisium. I make this mix put in the fridge and wipe down everyday with a damp cloth and makes all the tear stains go away and you also prevent infections, you need to trim thier nails every week this is very important for and English bulldog, and also clean the ears.

TRAINING NEEDS: An English bulldog can be really stubborn as a training student and a slow learner, so please be patient and be persistant.

LIVING ENVIRONMENT: The bulldog can live in any sized area, from apartments to a big house. Location is a factor though, as Bulldogs do not do really well in extream hot weather.

LIFE SPAN: 8 To 10 years

The English bulldog breed standard calls for a dog with a disposition that is equable and kind, resolute courageous The bulldog should not be (vicious or aggresive), and a demeanor that is pacific and dignified.

We are bulldog breeders, based out of Miami Florida and specialize in English bulldog puppies for sale and English bulldogs for sale, we can ship our English bulldog puppies almost anywhere in the world as long as the weather permits, in our web site you will find pictures of our dogs and bulldog puppies for sale and information such as bulldog health, bulldog maintenance, bulldog breeding and our puppies for sale, we also have videos of the English bulldog and the puppies we have for sale, so if you are looking for champion line dogs or puppies you have come to the right place, please enjoy our bulldog web siteEnglish bulldog puppies for sale from Top English bulldog breeder

   English bulldogs


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Our English Bulldogs services:

Artificial insemination, natural breeding,c c-section, "AI", progesterone testing, cytology, canine pregnancy testing, stud service, ovulating test, and anything that has to do with the English bulldog breed.

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English bulldogs

Champ English bulldog breeder we have english bulldog puppies for sale

Our English bull dogs guarantee:

When you purchase an English bulldog puppy on line from any breeder, always have in mind that guarantee is the key to purchasing a dog or puppy. References from our clients all over USA and our veterinarian in south Florida and Miami area speak for themselves. We offer a 1 year health guarantee in all of our top quality bulldog puppies for sale.

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Buying English & French bulldogs online:

English bulldog
Bulldog Sale online? It is just a click away! first go to our puppies for sale ads or classifieds, then browse through our puppies until you find one of your interest, and you can buy your puppy using pay pal or use any major credit card visa,master card,american express or discover card, as form of payment.

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English bulldog

We can get your puppy to you in no time!

We can deliver your bulldog puppies to almost every city in America or Canada, let us help you in the delivery of you puppies.

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Pictures of English bulldog puppies for sale an pictures of English bulldogs for sale English bulldogs

If you don't mind a snoring, gassy companion, then the English bulldog is for you! this sweet, loving and biddable breed is devoted to hearth and home, and makes a great bet friend for children the Flat, wrinkled face makes the bulldog the best dog breed in all of dogdom. Sports teams around the world and the U.S Marine Corps have chosen the English bulldog as their mascot because of the breed's gritty determination, stoic corage and strength . If you are considering getting a bulldog, you'll learn that to look at a bulldog is to smile; to know and love one is a previlege. Dog Fancy magazine

Mauiexpo Kennel English bulldogs


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English bulldogs for sale from an English bulldog breeder buy top quality Bulldog puppies from a reputable bulldog puppy breeder

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Did you know that the English bulldog has served 2 terms in the white house! President Calvin Coolidge had an English bulldog named Boston Beans, and president Warren G Harding had a bulldog named Oh Boy.

Yale university English bulldogThe Yale University mascot is a bulldog named:

Handsome Dan. the original Dan was award-winning show dog in the 1800's owned by A.B. Graves

Uga English bulldogUGA the English bulldog has become a tradition in Savannah georgia, residents specially the ones on the football field. Before the first UGA came to scene, two unrelated bulldogs, butch (1947 -1950) and Mike (1951 - 1955), served as the University Georgia's Mascot. More Info


Us marine English bulldog posterDuring world war I, Bulldogs became associated with the U.S Marines. A Marine corp recruting poster of the time showed a Dachshund wearing a spiked helmet and a German iron cross running from an English bulldog wearing a helmet with a globe and anchor insignia. the early marine English bulldogs were known as "Jiggs", and one started in a 1926 movie Tell it to the Marines. now the bulldog breed has becomethe official Marine mascot, with each marine Bulldog over the years being known as Chesty.


As Hollywood favorite for the stars, English Bulldogs draw a wide and varied celibrity fan base, including comedian Adam Sandler, who is largely responsible for the current reign of the bulldog popularity in Hollywood. Sandlers beloved Bulldog, Meatball was the best man at his wedding to model Jackie Titone in 2003. Footage of the tuxedo and yarmulke while running down the aisle with the ring on a ring cushion strapped to his back featured on Sandle's web site (www.adamsandler.com)

Tillman, the skateboarding Bulldog: This site contains videos of the mos famous skateboarding bulldogs around: Tillman from the reality show, Greatest American dog: (www.gotillman.com)

Tyson, the skateboarding bulldog: This site contains videos of another skateboarding bulldog: Tyson (www.skateboardingbulldog.com)



english bulldog puppy

Mauiexpo English bulldog breeders have English bulldog puppies for saleenglish bulldog puppy for sale

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All of our English bulldog puppies for sale are registered with the UKC CKC or FCI we do not sell English bulldog puppies with AKC registration.

All of our Bull dogs are raised in a home environment with children; the bulldog is a breed that has to be in 24 hours supervision, which is why bulldogs tend to be one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

When purchasing an English Bulldog puppy from us you can reassure that our English bulldog puppies will be health checked from our licensed veterinarian, fully vaccine and have their puppy D-Worming up to date, we breed English bulldogs for temperament health and standard of breed.

If you plan to purchase an English bulldog puppy online, view all of our English bulldog puppies for sale pictures and you can adopt one of our puppies with your pay pal account or any major credit card, please review all of our English bulldog puppies pictures for more reference.

All of our English bulldog puppies will have a microchip inside. English bulldog puppies for sale
Over 20 million pets are lost every year.
A registered microchip gives our English bulldog puppies that we sell or French Bulldog puppies the very best chance of a safe return home. Microchip recovery networks handle well over 1000 recovery calls every day and are responsible for the safe return of millions of your puppies. The chip is a lifetime insurance that almost guarantees your English bulldog or French bulldog will not be euthanized or put up for adoption if he is lost. All of our English bulldog puppies for sale and our French bulldog puppies for sale in our web site will have an implanted microchip before he reaches its new adopted home, we as English bulldog breeders and French Bulldog Breeders strive to get your new pet healthy and safe to you.
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